1. What software(s) do you use for your art?

For creating and rendering my images I currently use Vue xStream 2015; always the latest version available. Sometimes I use World Machine 2 to add extra details to my terrains. For postwork I use Photoshop  and After Effects CC 2015 (always the latest) and Filter Forge.

2. What are your computer’s specifications?

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth z77 (TUF) with Turbo Boost option
CPU: Intel i7-2600K @ 3,4 GHz (4,5 with Turbo Boost)
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Display: Samsung S23B350HS & Samsung SyncMaster S23A300B

This computer is in network with another PC with the same specifications, my laptop and our Render Station(alias OSIRIS).

3. What specifications are required for working in Vue smoothly?

After working with several combinations, my opinion is the following: an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU and at least 8 GB RAM are needed. Besides that, you need a graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.1 (Shader 4). For Vue I recommend NVIDIA 200 series or higher, but you can inform about compatibility in e-on’s product description. We’ve been bugging the management for CUDA support as well; hopefully they’ll listen.

4. Where can I view your images in high resolution?

On my Facebook page you can find my entire gallery, with a direct link to the full size render in the description of each image.

5. Can I download your pictures as use them as desktop wallpaper?

Yes, feel free to do so! Although, commercial use, re-distribution or selling my renders is prohibited. If you think you could use any of my renders or scenes in your project, you can contact me at drea@dreahorvath.com for a higher resolution and a quote.

6. Can I use your pictures as background for my art?

No; my renders are not made for backgrounds. If you need a similar background for your art, just feel free to contact us at services@ddcreations.eu and we will be happy to make you one as a commission. Note that using my renders or parts of my renders without my written permission is not allowed.

7. Can I purchase your pictures as prints/posters?

Currently you can request prints at my DeviantART account. I’m also considering selling my prints at Zazzle; I’ll keep you guys updated. If you wish to receive a larger render of my work and take care of printing yourself, feel free to contact me at drea@dreahorvath.com for a higher resolution and a quote.

8. Are you available for commission?

Yes, I’m open for commissions, and with my partner we are glad to help you with your project. Our commissions are handled via D&D Creations, and you can contact us at services@ddcreations.eu.

9. Are you available for tutoring in Vue?

Depending on my schedule I am. Tutoring is also handled via D&D Creations; contact us at services@ddcreations.eu.

10. Do you have any written tutorials available?

Several making-of tutorials are available in printed format or online; you can find them in the “Press & Releases” link section on the right side. I have also published some posts in the “Tips & Tricks” category. I hope you find what you’re looking for, but if you need any help or advice, just feel free to contact me.

11. Do you have any video tutorials available?

Yes; my first pre-recorded video tutorial is available for purchase here. It guides you through the entire process of creating a spring mountain landscape, and covers several useful, proven techniques to achieve realism from ecosystems to lighting.

12. I’ve recently started using Vue and I need to learn a lot. Could you recommend some tutorials to get started?

At GeekAtPlay Studios you can find several online video tutorials from beginner to advanced level. Some of them focus on a specific feature in Vue, others help you make an entire scene.
If you’ve reached an intermediate level, I can highly recommed QuadSpinner’s video tutorials.

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