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There is no limit to creativity; there are infinite ways to create a world of your own.

I was born in Budapest, Hungary, where I became interested in 3D Landscape Art during my college studies. I have been working with Vue and Photoshop for almost five years, and with the invaluable help of highly skilled 3D masters, I have managed to improve my skills to a professional level as a 3D Landscape Artist.

Before founding D&D Creations, I worked for three years in the video game industry as a terrain & level designer, and I have completed several 3D visualization projects as a freelance artist. Via my company, I’ve had the great opportunity to work on several film productions, animations, attractions, productions for projection mapping and VR productions as well.

I am honored to say that I’ve won several awards given by E-on Software and other art sharing sites with my work. I have published five tutorial articles for 3D Artist magazine and many of my works were showcased in the magazine. I designed the cover image for 3D World Issue 156, and some of my making-of tutorials are available online.

Currently I work and live in central Netherlands, where I founded D&D Creations with Michel Rondberg. Besides working in the studio as a 3D Landscape Artist, I also work as a Software Specialist for Vue and as a Product Copyright Consultant at YURdigital. I’m also following a training to become a professional Digital Matte Painter.

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